Sylvia Zerbini and her Amazing Horses
Grande Liberté

Learning the Language of the Horse

In private lessons or group clinics you will learn to connect with memory cues through voice, energy, emotion, and eye contact without whips or lines.

Voice Cues

Learn high tones for good memory cues, and learn lower tones for warning cues. Horses will always give up to three warnings before a reaction.


Mirroring innate horse herd behavior/body language, herd dynamics, herd movement lines and trajectories.

Beyond the Stick”

Liberté Clinic with Sylvia Zerbini

October 21 & 22, 2017

Horse Spirit Ranch, 3712 Valle Del Sol, Bonsall, CA

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“Beyond the Stick”

Liberté Clinic with Sylvia Zerbini

October 28 & 29, 2017

Misty Hollow Farm, 125 Wertzville Road, Hillsborough, NJ

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Sylvia Zerbini, renowned liberty horse trainer and former Cavalia star,

is offering a unique opportunity for you and your horse to relate in an entirely new way.

 “Beyond the Stick” Liberté Clinic will teach you to speak the language your horse understands: energy; body postures and eye contact; and voice cues. Once you begin to interact with your horse employing his own communication style, the response he gives you will transform your relationship with him. The two of you will connect in a way that you never before imagined possible.